Wind in your hair


This week I went for a run. I was up early, before the rest of my house woke up. The world was peaceful and beautiful. I felt the wind in my hair and watched the clouds drift by and the waves lap against the beach. It was perfect.

Going for a run might not be a big deal for many of you, but it was for me. It was my first run in 1 and a half years. I was medically advised almost 4 years ago to stop running regularly, ideally altogether.

It might not seem in line with the People Voodoo approach that you’ve become accustomed to, to defy medical advice and do something I knew could end in pain, but I assure you that it was in the spirit of compassion. For those 30 glorious minutes, before the pain started, (which is when I stopped running and walked home) I felt GREAT.

Although I knew it was kinder to my aching hip to give up regular running, I resented it, partly because I don’t like being told what to do, but mostly because running was ‘me’ time; time to think, to clear my head. I felt robbed. I sulked for some time before strapping on some roller skates, falling in love with roller derby and leaving running behind. But it’s during challenging times that I miss it the most. 

It will be five months this week that my son arrived. Only, on paper my son is not my son. The adoption process is long and emotionally challenging, and in our case, after 2 years, still ongoing. I know others wait longer, but for me the process has already overstayed its welcome. It’s been wearing me down. I needed to feel the wind in my hair in a way that a hairdryer just doesn’t deliver!

For this coming week my advice is short. Spend some time doing something that makes you feel GREAT even if just for 10 minutes. You owe it to yourself.

The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it.

Richard Bach


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