Flowers in the river

I don’t know which Shakespeare plays you studied at school, but one of mine was Hamlet.

I’ve remembered one of the essay questions all this time.

“Is Hamlet mad, and if so, when did he turn mad?”

The question intrigues me as much today as it did then. I worked my way through the play, looking for significant events; things he said and things he did. I came to a conclusion, because that is the rule of essay writing, but I was never really satisfied that I knew the answer.

Now I am asking myself a similar question.

“Am I a writer, and if so, when did I become a writer?”

It’s an important question to ask myself when I feel far more comfortable with talking. Talking comes easily, and often. I can present to large groups and feel relaxed one to one. I find it easy to express myself verbally. It just works!

But writing? That’s not so easy. I get side tracked and muddled up. The sentences become wordy or over complicated. I delete and re-write, again and again, concerned that I’ll be misunderstood.

Whether I’m a writer or not, it’s time to give my thoughts the chance to take root.

Talking about my thoughts and ideas feels like throwing beautiful flowers into a river. It’s magical in the moment and then they’re gone.

flower on riverSo here I am. This is my journey as a writer, and as a person, to find my writing voice and to give my thoughts and ideas a place to call home.

Why People Voodoo?

Apparently that’s what I do when I share my wisdom and experience to help move people on in a positive way. Plenty more of that to come.

So this is the beginning, and time will tell what this will grow into.

 The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.

Albert Einstein




  1. Wonderful post! Fabulous Site!
    And I feel you are a natural writer and creator.
    Your concept and presentation of People Voodoo is genius and exceptionally well done. I applaud you, standing ovation!

    To ‘delete and re-write’ is a tool and you use it well. And I believe, when we create from our heart, with the beat of our passion (as you seem to be doing) then the concern of being misunderstood, eventually fades away. That is when the fun really begins. 🙂 My opinion.
    Thank you for sharing your creation and I will be following you. ~Ren

    Liked by 1 person

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